Maintenance Courses


Learn how to make basic adjustments and repairs to a bike so it's safe to ride.


For those with some knowledge but who want to learn more about specific skills.


Accredited Training Centre providing Bronze, Silver & Gold Velotech courses.

Bicycle Maintenance

Accredited courses, workshops & training.

Bicycle Recycling has a dedicated Training Room where we deliver workshops and courses, alternatively we can come to you.

There are 3 main types of maintenance course that we offer throughout the year:

Maintenance Courses (3 hours):
Basic Maintenance gives confidence to check a bike is safe to ride, make basic adjustments and repairs e.g. adjust the saddle, swap an inner tube.
Follow-on Maintenance for those that have a basic knowledge and want to learn a bit more e.g. adjust gears and brakes.

Weekend Workshops (2 hours):
One-off events focusing on specific topics e.g. adjusting brakes, tuning gears, fitting and maintaining a chain.

Bike Maintenance & Training Courses

Accredited Velotech Training:
Bicycle Recycling is an accredited Velotech Training Centre. These courses are aimed at the serious enthusiast or someone in, or considering, the cycle trade:

  • Bronze (8 hours) equips you to carry out a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) full safety check.
  • Silver (16 hours) to do routine repairs and swap components with a like for like part.
  • Gold (32 hours) builds on Silver and includes removing/replacing bottom bracket and headset as well as swapping parts which are not necessarily the same.

Velotech Accredited Courses

Maintenance Courses

Basic and follow-on maintenance skills

For individuals, groups or families

Basic: adjust your bike to fit

Basic: check tyres, replace inner tube

Basic: oil the right moving parts

Follow-on: adjust your brakes

Follow-on: tune your gears

Weekend Workshops

One-off events

For individuals, groups or clubs

Dedicated sessions on specific topics

Tyres & Tubes: includes repair a puncture

Brakes: adjusting different types

Gears: focus on index gears & other types

Chains & Freewheels: remove, fit & maintain

Velotech Training

For the serious enthusiast or cycle trade

Bronze: complete a Pre-Delivery Inspection

Bronze: able to identify further maintenance

Silver: strip & reassemble bike excl. brakes

Silver: setup components incl. gears & brakes

Gold: competent to swap components

Gold: remove & refit Bottom Bracket & Headset